Mantids and Other Insects

More than 2,400 known species belong to the Mantodea, from every continent except Antarctica and ranging in size from less than an inch long to exceeding seven inches in length (the Stick Mantis in the background, she's pretty close!). With rotating necks that permit near-360 degree vision and powerful raptorial front limbs often folded into a "praying" position when not munching on some hapless victim, these are among the most highly recognizable groups of insects and contain such things from the common European, Carolina, and Chinese mantids often seen in backyards around the US and Europe, to exotic creatures like the Flower and Orchid mantids, bark and deadleaf mimics, and many other strange variations. Many make for great starter pets too, being short-lived but not exceedingly so and easy to care for, while other species are the realm of expert keepers.
Though Carlton Carnivores specializes in mantids (or mantises if you prefer) when it comes to insects, there are many other fascinating groups out there that also make for great display animals or exciting to find in the wild. As the Database is expanded many of these may gain their own pages to be found through here as well, such as the Phasmids (those famed stick insects including the longest insects in the world) and butterflies.