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Nepenthes are the Tropical Pitcher Plants, the classic large rainforest meat-eating vine. Particular to high humidity and moderate to very bright lighting, many are highly adaptable to a variety of growing conditions.

Remember, to order, compile a list of items of interest in either the order form on the main sales page or via the Contact Us page. Please reference Shipping Terms and Conditions before ordering.

N. ventricosa x gymnamphora -$30

This is an adaptable and fast-growing hybrid, tolerant even of lowland conditions but will grow best in intermediate to highland environments. Pitchers reach an average of 4-6" tall, with a slightly hourglass profile and colors of heavily mottled tan and red. The peristome tends to be broad, slightly scalloped, and various shades of pink-flushed to red. It is a rapidly vining type, and often produces basal shoots once the vines reach several feet in length. Originally acquired from Jeremiah Harris

Available plants are rooted cuttings with new growth between 5-12 inches across.

N. robcantleyi x maxima BE 3428.jpg

N. (robcantleyi "Queen of Hearts" x maxima) BE-3428 -$45

This hybrid is robust, spectacular, and a confirmed viable female to boot. Sturdy stems support thick red-flushed leaves with long petioles, off which come pitchers that can grow to more than a foot tall with a slender cylindric build and creamy yellowish background mottled with sparse red blotches. The peristome is broad, heavily scalloped, and sweeps up the tall neck in a color-changing display; newly opened it will be bright green to cream with light red stripes, aging over time to deep bronze with black cherry to nearly truly black stripes. Upper pitchers are similar but with a more funnel-shape.
Available plants are rooted cuttings with new growth betwen 4-12 inches in diameter.


N. boschiana x "Gentle -mixta type" SG -$20

Two seed-grown plants currently available, approx. 2" in diameter. The "select" seedlings I'm holding back are showing signs of rich red color and heavy pattern on thin pitchers, and I expect all will develop into slender, easy-growing plants with large traps, scalloped lips with dark striping, and rich red mottled pitchers.

N. (maxima "miniature" x "Miranda")  x clipeata -$25
Several SG plants available ranging from 1.5-3" in diameter; These plants will look much like maxima x clipeata, but with slightly more slender, lighter-colored traps, and a slight tendency toward miniature status in the plant overall due to the very small stature of the female parent. The male parent of course will add in a broad leaf shape with likely fairly peltate tips.

N. glabrata x maxima SG.jpg

N. glabrata x maxima "Central Sulawesi" -$15
Originally seed-grown by me, this natural hybrid is a downright weed of a plant when it comes to making basals and loves to turn itself into a bush more than develop any one stem to great lengths. Leaves may reach about 8 inches long, from which pitchers up to 4 inches tall (in my care so far) develop, chunky with heavy red mottling and a slightly scalloped bright to deep red peristome. Upper pitchers are unknown so far.
Available plants are rooted cuttings with active growth between 3-7 inches in diameter.


N. maxima x spectabilis -$40

A spectacular hybrid that combines some of the best traits of both parents. This plant does well in intermediate to highland conditions and gets large, fairly quickly, with leaves up to almost 20 inches in length that will blush red in strong light. Lower pitchers can get at least 10 inches long, and are tubby cylindric with a flared peristome, mottled in red to near-black on a green or cream background and the peristome similarly green-cream with dark stripes, but over time will age to nearly solid black cherry. Upper pitchers are similarly colored, but far more slender and trumpet-shaped with a slightly lighter peristome. This is also a known female.

Available rooted cuttings between 4-14 inches diameter, may or may not have active pitchers

N. gymnamphora Gunung Talakmau, BE-4059 -$25
This Sumatran/Javan species produces very tubby, nearly spherical lower pitchers with a broad mouth and rounded peristome lined with slender teeth, cream with heavy red mottling in coloration, on often very long tendrils. Upper pitchers are rare, sometimes nonexistent in certain populations (numerous basals make up for this), but are more cylindric with slightly toothier peristomes when produced.
Available rooted cuttings are approx. 3-4" in diameter.

N. sibuyanensis x ventricosa B.jpg

N. ventricosa x sibuyanensis HC B -$25
This is one of my two seed-grown clones, producing tubby semi-hourglass shaped lower pitchers at least up to 5 inches tall (likely with strong light and cool conditions they can get much larger), mostly yellow-green in color with some red spots and flushing, and with peristomes that age from bright to deep cherry red, almost to black. I've yet to see uppers on this form, but if it behave like clone A they'll be relatively small and creamy pinkish-yellow, and relatively sparsely produced.
Available rooted cuttings are approx. 6" in diameter.

N. x ventrata.jpg

N. x "ventrata" -$10
The most classic bomb-proof plant out there, a hybrid of graciliflora x ventricosa that is frequently mislabeled as alata or an alata hybrid. Vines able to reach several feet in length sport pitchers that are frequently almost bicolor, yellowish green in the base turning red or pinkish above the hip and around the peristome. A known female, though essentially sterile. Perfect for beginners but also just a classically easy grower for the experienced as well.
Available plants are rooted cuttings with new growth between 2-6" in diameter.

N. ventricosa red x (spathulata x spectabilis).jpg

N. ventricosa "red" x (spathulata x spectabilis) Female -$30
Carrying the vigor of the female parent but most of the shape and coloration of the male, this confirmed female plant is a reliable grower with leaves sporting a red midvein and lower pitchers up to 7 inches tall that are an overall pinkish hue, mottled red and tannish with multi-tone pink and red stripes on the mildly scalloped peristome. Upper pitchers are similar, but more slender and slightly more yellow than pink overtones.
Available plants are rooted cuttings with new growth currently between 5-12" in diameter.

N. 'Helen' x spectabilis PB C.jpg

N. 'Helen' x spectabilis PB, HC C (Male) -$25
One of three clones of this backcross hybrid and possibly the darkest of the three, 6 inch lower pitchers are oval-shaped with slightly flared peristomes that start off red with deep red stripes that age to almost black, and pitcher bodies that are mottled purple and greenish-tan. Upper pitchers sport almost the same color, but are much more slender, cylindric to funnel shaped with slightly narrower lips.
One rooted cutting available approx. 7" in diameter.

N. Rokko "Exotica" -$35

Exotica Plants' remake of an old hybrid grex, this bokorensis x maxima (it's not thorelii...) cross produces near-cylindrical lower pitchers up to 8" or more tall with a wide, flaring peristome that opens red-striped on yellow or tannish and ages to deep red over time, and a pitcher body heavily mottled in cherry red and lighter red or tan. Upper pitchers are slender, funnel-shaped with a slightly humped back near the mouth, and are bright green save for the red lid underside and striped to solid red peristome. This clone is female, and is very tolerant of everything from lowland to highland conditions.
One rooted cutting currently available approx. 3" diameter, currently without pitchers.

N. maxima dark x talangensis.jpg

N. maxima "dark" x talangensis Female -$35
A seed-grown known female plant, similar to the famous cultivars 'Exotic Lady' and "Lady Pauline' with a diameter that can reach around 20 inches, and lower pitchers that are up to 6 inches tall, very inflated funnel-shaped with a broad wavy peristome, and dark mottling and lip over a light cream to red background. Upper pitchers become extremely pale yellow-cream with a light red-striped narrower lip and mottling on the interior that shows through. Very hardy and fast-growing for a Nep.
Rooted cuttings are currently between 3-7 inches in diameter, no pitchers

N. tenuis.jpg

N. tenuis Male -$85
Only one rooted cutting of this plant currently available approx. 4" in diameter, a fertile male. One of the smallest species, plants reach overall diameters of only around a foot, and though the vines can get rather long they stay spindly at all times. Lower pitchers are very broadly funnel-shaped and bulbous, with a thick peristome and colors of yellow with red mottling and speckling. Upper pitchers are similar though somewhat more elongate at the base.

N. ampullaria Red Speckle Sajingan.jpg

Nepenthes ampullaria "red speckle, Sajingan" -$45
This is a slower-growing clone of this species, making it a bit more suitable for smaller spaces, and has never been released before. Grown from seed, plants make leaves up to a foot long and rich green overall, off which are formed pitchers up to 2 inches tall and very rounded, colored brilliantly lime green with deep brick red blotches and speckles. The peristome is pure green. Will grow fastest in very warm lowland conditions but will tolerate intermediate.

Newly rooted cuttings are displaying heavy root development, and new buds are beginning to branch out leaves an inch or two long.

N. talangensis x robcantleyi -$40
An attractive an compact hybrid that is slow to develop lengthy vines but quick to produce chunky, colorful pitchers up to 8 inches tall and with a broad, rolled-back peristome that will open bright red and age to almost black on a body that tends to be various shades of rusty red-brown. Best grown in an intermediate to highland environment.
One rooted cutting available, multi-growth point with the largest one approx. 6" diameter.

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