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Nepenthes are the Tropical Pitcher Plants, the classic large rainforest meat-eating vine. Particular to high humidity and moderate to very bright lighting, many are highly adaptable to a variety of growing conditions.

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N. 'Miranda'.jpg
N. Rokko 'Exotica' x (spectabilis x mira

N. x mixta -$25

An intermediate cross with a long history, capable of producing very large pitchers colored bright green and red with a sloping, scalloped peristome that starts out striped in bright lime greens and scarlet before darkening and filling in to nearly solid cherry. 

Available plants are rooted cuttings approximately a foot in diameter, not yet producing pitchers.

N. 'Miranda' -$25

An intermediate hybrid classed among the easiest of the Nepenthes to grow. With a parentage thought to be N. x mixta x maxima, this backcross has a lot of influence from the old Victorian hybrid with a touch more maxima in its appearance. Pitchers can exceed 15 inches in length (averaging 8-12) mottled with cream and red and a color-changing red-striped to solid deep cherry peristome.

Available plants are rooted cuttings approximately 8 inches in diameter.

N. Rokko 'Exotica' x (spectabilis x mira) -$25

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown cross, bearing tubby pitchers with a speckled to mottled covering of red over a a red-flushed tan background and yellow peristomes variably striped with light to burning crimson. Has a high propensity for producing basals

N. Sunset Songs Clone C -$30

Sunset Songs is a grex hybrid of N. 'Splendid Diana' x ventricosa "red," and this particular clone produces squat, tubby pitchers with a faintly hourglass shape, broad scalloped peristome (with a tendency to develop lighter colored "cracks" in random places to produce a striped effect) and colors in light yellow-green to cream with very faint to moderately bold red mottling across the outer surface. 

Available plants are rooted cuttings approximately 4-10 inches in diameter.

N. Sunset Songs Clone D -$25

This clone develops slightly more green and ventricose pitchers than Clone C, but maintains a similar tubby shape and light mottling with a distinctly scalloped peristome that ranges from cream to lightly red blushed.
Currently available plant is a rooted cutting approximately 6 inches in diameter.

N. sp. "Madja-as" -$35

Often referred to as a form of N. ventricosa, this species is morphologically somewhat intermediate between that and N. burkei, and perhaps closer to the latter. Somewhat more sensitive to warmer temperatures, this one likes it cool and bright, with relatively airy soils. Mature pitchers can grow to nearly 8" long, distinctly ventricose with a bulbous lower half, constricting above, and the upper half near cylindrical to slightly funnel shaped topped with a flat mouth and sharply scalloped, heavily ridged peristome. Color is green or cream to light red, and heavily mottled especially in the upper half with bloody crimson. The peristome can often develop to a deep blood red or black cherry color as well.

Current rooted cutting is approximately 4" in diameter, with immature pitchers.

N. robcantleyi x maxima BE-3428 -$60

This is a spectacular form of robcantleyi hybrid, clearly taking on the leaf structure of the female parent but much color of maxima. Pitchers start out bright green with moderate to heavy red mottling, and a broad scalloped peristome touched with red pinstripes; with age, color darkens with the mottling turning brown to deep cherry, and the peristome washing over with shades of sienna and ashen brown like the robcantleyi parent. Lower pitchers may also develop red within the green background. Both the plant itself and the pitchers can get very large, plant exceeding 3 feet across and pitchers well over a foot long. According to the source, this is also a female plant!

The available cutting is over a foot across; no pitcher currently, image is of a pitcher on another cutting from the same source plant.

N. ampullaria 'Harlequin' -$50​

One of the classic forms of this lowland species originally from Borneo Exotics, 'Harlequin' is a bit of a polymorph. The plant can get huge, with leaves well over a foot long and vines that can grow to 30 feet in length or more, and pitchers capable of reaching nearly 3 inches long and nearly as wide, with a broad open mouth and deep peristome topped by a backward-folded skinny lid. In low light, the pitchers will develop mainly green with red spots and a light red blush to the peristome, but higher lighting will produce the famous "tricolor" pitchers with a red background and green and purple blotches, and a peristome of blood red. Mature plants produce numerous basal "carpet" rosettes.

The available cutting is approximately 6 inches in diameter, and just beginning to develop its first new pitcher.

Unrooted Cuttings
Cuttings are available for those growers experienced enough in propagation to attempt rooting and growing Nepenthes on their own. Some species and hybrids are far easier to root than others, and guarantees of success cannot be made. All cuttings are minimum 3 node sections, and may be vine or whole basal/offshoot sections.
N. ventricosa x gymnamphora.jpg
N. graciliflora Pink.jpg
N. ventricosa fat lips.jpg

N. ventricosa x gymnamphora -$25

Hourglass pitchers up to 6 inches tall heavily mottled in tan and red, with a rounded to scalloped red peristome.

N. graciliflora "Pink" -$30

One of the former N. alata "boschiana mimic" clones, with slender pink and green pitchers bearing bulbous lower portions and a smooth green and pink peristome

N. ventricosa "fat lips" -$20

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown clone so nicknamed for the broad peristome the red lower pitchers often possess, uppers being far more slender and bright green

N. gracilis "Shadow" -$45

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown clone with deep maroon lower pitchers overlain in deeper black cherry mottling, upper pitchers lighter red with darker spots, and leaves flushing nearly black in strong light

N. glabrata x maxima -$30

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown clone from Sulawesi, with bright green pitchers bearing large red blotches and a red-flushed peristome. Has a propensity for making basals

N. ventricosa x talangensis Clone B -$35

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown clone with tubby, tapering pitchers colored bright greenish yellow to light pink and faintly to distinctly mottled with red 

N. ventricosa "cherry lips" x "red" -$15

Assortment of seed-grown clones bearing standard red lowers, majority with true uppers yet to be determined.

N. ventricosa x talangensis Clone A -$40

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown clone with tapered but very tubby pitchers that are colored in deep shades of red and maroon, with a semi-scalloped peristome ranging from crimson red to black cherry.