Nepenthes are the Tropical Pitcher Plants, the classic large rainforest meat-eating vine. Particular to high humidity and moderate to very bright lighting, many are highly adaptable to a variety of growing conditions.

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N. gracilis "Black Speckle" -$35

Grown from seed by myself, this clone develops the characteristic almost miniature pitchers of the species with a tubby lower third and cylindrical or narrowing upper portion, colored in bright leafy green and lightly to densely covered in speckles of deep red to almost black. It also has a rather high propensity to develop basal rosettes and offshoots, making for a complex tangle of pitchering vines and carpet pitchers.

One rooted cutting available, approximately 12" long and 5" across, with inch tall pitchers.

N. ventricosa "cherry lips" x "red" -$20

One of several seed-grown individuals that are proving to display incredibly rich red coloration in the pitchers and deep red peristomes with a perfectly hourglass-shaped profile. Pictured is the primary plant for sale, approximately 5 inches in diameter with pitcher just over an inch tall. Some of the larger siblings may also be available upon inquiry.

N. ventricosa x talangensis SG -$15

Seed-grown individuals of a very easy-growing and attractive cross, producing tubby lower pitchers in a variety of mottled shades topped with thick scalloped peristomes that range from reddish cream to nearly black in color depending on the clone; upper pitchers are almost-funnel shaped, with a narrower peristome but similar coloring. Two plants available, one lighter and one darker in color.

Unrooted Cuttings
Cuttings are available for those growers experienced enough in propagation to attempt rooting and growing Nepenthes on their own. Some species and hybrids are far easier to root than others, and guarantees of success cannot be made. All cuttings are minimum 3 node sections, and may be vine or whole basal/offshoot sections.
N. ventricosa x gymnamphora.jpg
N. graciliflora Pink.jpg
N. ventricosa fat lips.jpg

N. ventricosa x gymnamphora -$25

Hourglass pitchers up to 6 inches tall heavily mottled in tan and red, with a rounded to scalloped red peristome.

N. graciliflora "Pink" -$30

One of the former N. alata "boschiana mimic" clones, with slender pink and green pitchers bearing bulbous lower portions and a smooth green and pink peristome

N. ventricosa "fat lips" -$20

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown clone so nicknamed for the broad peristome the red lower pitchers often possess, uppers being far more slender and bright green

N. gracilis "Shadow" -$45

A Carlton Carnivores seed-grown clone with deep maroon lower pitchers overlain in deeper black cherry mottling, upper pitchers lighter red with darker spots, and leaves flushing nearly black in strong light

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