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Other Carnivorous Plants

Many other carnivorous plants, from other pitcher plants to corkscrew plants to species like the waterwheel exist, with some being extremely easy to grow while others are best suited for expert conditions.

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Genlisea lobata x flexuosa -$14

This corkscrew plant hybrid grows as a mat of small oblong leaves across the soil surface, often in clustered rosettes but also sprouting from just about any piece of plant near the soil surface; underground, the characteristic y-shaped corkscrew trap leaves can extend for more than 3". Under certain seasonal cues or often after settling in from repotting, it can send up stalks that can be more than 3 feet long, bearing tiny, delicate bladderwort-like flowers with a mainly white lower lip, purple-striped upper lip, and a yellow palate haloed by violet. 

Offered as 1-inch plugs; limited availability.