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Join date: Sep 16, 2018


I'm relatively new to the hobby, but I'm a fast learner and a speed reader. 😁

I have experience with the follow species:

Chinese - Tenodera sinensis

African Lined - Sphodromantis lineola

Giant Asian - Hierodula membranacea

Giant Asian - Hierodula venosa

Carolina - Stagmomantis carolina

Congo Green - Sphodromantis aurea

Dead Leaf - Deroplatys lobata

Indian Flower - Creobroter pictipennis

African Flower - Pseudocreobotra ocellata

Giant Shield Mantis - Rhombodera megaera

Narrow winged / Japanese - Tenodera angustipennis

Ghost mantids - Phyllocrania paradoxa

I'm always up for a friendly mantid related chat. :)


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