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These are the American Pitcher Plants, temperate carnivores with brightly colored trumpet-shaped trapping leaves. Great for locations with full sun and lovers of moisture, these plants do well in bog gardens or outdoor patio collections. The majority of plants available here are grown outdoors most of the year, fully acclimated to very strong sun and low humidity.

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S. flava maxima sale 7.2018.jpg
S. oreophila x flava sale 7.2018.jpg
S. oreophila North Sound x purpurea Gian

S. flava maxima -$25

An all-green version of the yellow pitcher plant, this form can produce elegant trumpet pitchers up to 3 feet or more high when established and is a fast grower, producing many large pitchers in a season and often dividing readily. 

Available plants are medium divisions with pitchers up to a foot in height.

S. oreophila x flava -$20

One of my most vigorous American pitchers, this cross produces stout, bright green and red-veined pitchers up to almost 2 feet high, with a strong oreophila influence and tendency to divide readily into new crowns. 

Available plants are medium divisions with pitchers 10 inches tall.

S. oreophila "North Sound" x purpurea "Giant #1" -$15

This is a variable seed-grown cross with plants producing stout pitchers highly reminiscent of the purple pitcher but with a more upright stance and broad, open lid. Coloration may vary from nearly solid bright green pinstriped with red in the throat and blushed with orange or coppery hues to plants heavily infused with deep purple veins and throat blotches, or flushing solid red or purple with age.

Available plants are seed-grown, with pitchers ranging from 2-5 inches tall.