These are the American Pitcher Plants, temperate carnivores with brightly colored trumpet-shaped trapping leaves. Great for locations with full sun and lovers of moisture, these plants do well in bog gardens or outdoor patio collections. The majority of plants available here are grown outdoors most of the year, fully acclimated to very strong sun and low humidity.

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S. oreophila x alata -$30

Though received labeled as S. oreophila x flava, the nature of the plant leaves it unquestionable that, while oreophila is clearly one parent, alata feeds much into the appearance. While not the flashiest plant, this is one of the fastest growing that I have, and sends up a plethora of curvy, green pitchers with intricate red veins in the interior every year. Available divisions are large plants, with 3+ growth points.

S. oreophila "North Sound" x purpurea "Giant #1" -$20

A very easy-growing and hardy hybrid between two fairly cold-tolerant species, this cross produces dense clumps of upright but tubby pitchers bearing broad hoods and colors that range from pastel greens and oranges with minimal or no veining to heavily veined in deep reds and purples, often with a notable throat blush. Smaller plants are $20, larger $35; all currently are seed-grown, each one unique.

S. flava var. maxima -$30

This clone is a rapid grower that sends up elegant, slender trumpet pitchers up to 20" or more in height (in conditions here; likely to get taller in more humid locations), and pure fluorescent green throughout. Lemon yellow flowers are produced in spring, which smell rather pungently of ammonia or, often compared to cat urine (delightful, no?).

One division available, medium single-growth point with pitchers between 12-14" in height. Should bloom in the next season.

S. alabamensis ssp. alabamensis -$20

COLORADO SALES ONLY! This critically endangered species develops pitchers up to 18" or so in height (may average closer to a foot) with a stout trumpet shape and shovel-shaped lid, and colored in shades of copper-orange that fade to bright golden green with deep red veins particularly on the interior. In spring flowers are bright red and typically smell sweet, described as everything from roses or raspberries to cola.

Available plants are classed as small ($20) or large ($30), all flowering-size.

S. "Adrian Slack Imposter" x 'Leah Wilkerson' Clone B -$20

A single division currently available; this clone is a rapid divider and produces numerous slender pitchers with broad lids and a primarily green coloration, but dotted in the upper pitcher and lid with sparse white areoles and marked with deep red to nearly black pinstripe veins and an equally dark lip. Once it matures this will likely be an elegantly impressive plant.

Division currently has pitchers approximately 7" tall.

S. oreophila -$30

COLORADO SALES ONLY! This is a critically endangered species known as the Green pitcher plant, growing up to 2 feet in height with stout trumpet-shaped pitchers in spring and occasionally fall colored bright green to slightly red-flushed, and often decorated with intricate red veins on the interior and sometimes exterior. Pitchers are replaced in summer and through typical fall seasons with short, curled phyllodia (photosynthetic leaves), and spring flowers are large, pale to rich lemon yellow, and often smell faintly of ammonia.