These are the American Pitcher Plants, temperate carnivores with brightly colored trumpet-shaped trapping leaves. Great for locations with full sun and lovers of moisture, these plants do well in bog gardens or outdoor patio collections. The majority of plants available here are grown outdoors most of the year, fully acclimated to very strong sun and low humidity.

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S. oreophila "North Sound" x purpurea "Giant #1" -$45

A very easy-growing and hardy hybrid between two fairly cold-tolerant species, this cross produces dense clumps of upright but tubby pitchers bearing broad hoods and colors that range from pastel greens and oranges with minimal or no veining to heavily veined in deep reds and purples, often with a notable throat blush.

One plant available, mature with multiple growth points and 6" + pitchers.

S. alabamensis ssp. alabamensis -$30

COLORADO SALES ONLY! This critically endangered species develops pitchers up to 18" or so in height (may average closer to a foot) with a stout trumpet shape and shovel-shaped lid, and colored in shades of copper-orange that fade to bright golden green with deep red veins particularly on the interior. In spring flowers are bright red and typically smell sweet, described as everything from roses or raspberries to cola.

Available plants are classed as small ($20) or large ($30), all flowering-size.

S. oreophila x flava rubricorpora "Don's Red Tube," Clone C -$60

A giant of a plant, with an extremely vigorous growth habit and pitchers that even in my climate regularly exceed 2 feet in height. Fully mature pitchers often sport exaggerated spout-shaped lips, and color up in solid brick red in the pitchers, bright yellow with red veins in the lid (often flushing with red as they mature). Plants often send up their best crop of pitchers early in the year, but can also produce summer and fall flushes as well.

Available divisions are large, fully mature, some with multiple growth points.


S. flava maxima -$85

A large, multi-growth point division available of one of my largest flava; this division has pitchers already pushing 20" tall, and can get even bigger, especially even wider. Pitchers never produce veins of any sort here, just pure bright glowing green. This is likely a Carolina form.

S. purpurea purpurea heterophylla -$55

Originally acquired from Cascade Carnivores, this all-green form of the northern purple pitcher has been a steady, and when given enough space rapid grower that seems quite tolerant of my fluctuating conditions, easily taking summer temperatures exceeding 100F if a bit shaded and like all northerns quite tolerant of the cold. Pitchers average around 6" tall, sometimes taller, with a moderately narrow profile for the species and pure glowing yellow-green coloration; flowers similarly are entirely cream and green. 

Available plants are mature divisions with 1 or more growth points; one division is available for $45 due to the presence of only shorter newly developing roots and single growth point.

S. flava cuprea -$80

The giant of my collection currently, this version of the coppertop pitcher plant has produced traps nearly 30 inches tall even in my dry climate, the pitchers starting off with a bright bronze lid and red veins on the interior that often expand into a red throat blotch in the column. It regularly produces a full suite of spring pitchers, and several more that may appear through summer and fall before being replaced by phyllodia.

Currently available are smaller 1-2 growth-point divisions for $40, and larger multi-point divisions for $80.