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These are the American Pitcher Plants, temperate carnivores with brightly colored trumpet-shaped trapping leaves. Great for locations with full sun and lovers of moisture, these plants do well in bog gardens or outdoor patio collections. The majority of plants available here are grown outdoors most of the year, fully acclimated to very strong sun and low humidity.

Remember, to order compile a list of items of interest within the order form on the main sales page or via the Contact Us form. Please reference Shipping Terms and Conditions before ordering.

S. alabamensis alabamensis.jpg

S. alabamensis ssp. alabamensis -$30

COLORADO SALES ONLY! This critically endangered species develops pitchers up to 18" or so in height (may average closer to a foot) with a stout trumpet shape and shovel-shaped lid, and colored in shades of copper-orange that fade to bright golden green with deep red veins particularly on the interior. In spring flowers are bright red and typically smell sweet, described as everything from roses or raspberries to cola.

Available plants are classed as small ($20) or large ($30), all flowering-size.

S. oreophila x flava Don's Red Tube Clon

S. oreophila x flava rubricorpora "Don's Red Tube," Clone C -$50

A giant of a plant, with an extremely vigorous growth habit and pitchers that even in my climate regularly exceed 2 feet in height. Fully mature pitchers often sport exaggerated spout-shaped lips, and color up in solid brick red in the pitchers, bright yellow with red veins in the lid (often flushing with red as they mature). Plants often send up their best crop of pitchers early in the year, but can also produce summer and fall flushes as well.

Available divisions are large, fully mature, some with multiple growth points.


S. flava maxima -$75

A large, multi-growth point division available of one of my largest flava; this division has pitchers already pushing 20" tall, and can get even bigger, especially even wider. Pitchers never produce veins of any sort here, just pure bright glowing green. This is likely a Carolina form.

S.flava cuprea lid.jpg

S. flava cuprea -$60

The giant of my collection currently, this version of the coppertop pitcher plant has produced traps nearly 30 inches tall even in my dry climate, the pitchers starting off with a bright bronze lid and red veins on the interior that often expand into a red throat blotch in the column. It regularly produces a full suite of spring pitchers, and several more that may appear through summer and fall before being replaced by phyllodia.

Currently available are smaller 1-2 growth-point divisions for $30, and larger multi-point divisions for $60.

S. oreophila x Blood Moon B.jpg

S. oreophila x "Blood Moon" HC Clone B -$45

A stocky, slightly slower growing but spectacular plant when it hits its stride. Pitchers average around 20 inches tall for me, with a slight curve in their profile and a wide, similarly elgant curvy lid that dips forward over the mouth. Pitcher tubes are solid deep crimson, the lids veines with the same crimson within a patchwork of lime green and white.

Available plants are large single to multi-growth point divisions.

S. x moorei red x leucophylla HCW A.jpg

S. x moorei "red" x leucophylla 'HCW -HC A -$50

The largest white-top style plant currently in my collection, this clone looks like a pure leucophylla with a chunky build, pitchers up to 25 inches tall in my dry conditions often with nearly the full upper third sporting greenish to red veins through white areoles, and brilliantly cherry red blooms in spring.

Available divisions are flowering sized, most multi-growth point; two smaller "mini" divisions available for $20.

S. x moorei "red" x leucophylla 'HCW' -HC B -$55

This impressive x moorei backcross takes all the color of its 'Hurricane Creek White' father and puts it on a more flava-esque shape, then tops it off with a crimson throat stripe. Pitchers average around 18-20 inches tall in my conditions when mature, with green bases and almost pure white crowns, ruffled lids and flaring lips, highlighted by the red throat.

Available divisions are mature flowering-sized, mostly single growth point; one "mini" division available for $25.

S. oreophila x flava Don's Red Tube Clone B.jpg

S. oreophila x flava rubricorpora "Don's Red Tube" HC B -$35

While it has been the shortest of my 3 remaining clones of this cross, this particular plant has also been the most elegantly shaped, and darkest of the three. Pitchers reach an average of 15 inches in my climate (with the potential to possibly get much larger), with a slender build and very flava-esque appearance, narrow neck column and shapely lid. Like the other clones, pitchers open with crimson tubes and red-veined yellow lids and interiors, but over time the entire trap may age to a deep, bloody rust red color. Flowers are not dwarfed, massive yellow structures with flava's characteristic feline odor.

Available divisions are flowering sized, one to three growth points on average.

S. oreophila x alata -$10

One of my weediest and easiest to grow plants, with pitchers up to 20 inches tall colored almost pure green with a smattering of delicate reddish veins within the pitcher interior. If you're growing Sarracenia for the first time, this is a good one to work with, and with oreophila as a parent species it should have a greater cold tolerance than most as well. Flowers are simple yellow things, and while they don't produce much in the way of pollen or seeds, they are produced in profusion for quite a show in spring.

Divisions are one to three growth points on average, flowering size.

S. Wilkerson's Red OP.jpg

S. "Wilkerson's Red" OP -$20

Originally grown from seed labeled as "Wilkerson's Red" x 'Adrian Slack', this plant in particular clearly has some minor type influence, making it look something between x moorei and x excellens. Pitchers are stout and grow straight, up to 15 inches or so tall but could get larger, with almost pure green tubes and a slightly domed, frilly lid that's solid bright red sprinkled with white areoles. Flowers often start out bicolor pinkish and red before aging to a solid dark reddish-pink, and sometimes put off a sweet floral odor.

Available divisions are flowering sized; one "mini" division also available for $8.

S. 'Leah Wilkerson' OP.jpg

S. 'Leah Wilkerson' OP -$20

This plant has behaved rather dwarfishly compared to its known parent, but could have the potential for getting quite a bit bigger. Pitchers reach between 10-14 inches tall, with a slender profile and mildly frilly lid, and sport deep purple veins and a maroon flush and purple lid that over time age to deeper hues overall. Flowers start out a flaming bicolor red and yellow, sometimes aging to solid red.

Available divisions are semi-mature to flowering sized; a handful of "mini" divisions also available for $8.

S. Adrian Slack Imposter x 'Leah Wilkerson' Clone A.jpg

S. "Adrian Slack Imposter" x 'Leah Wilkerson' HC A -$25

A stately x moorei with pitchers that can reach 20 inches tall, and opens with pink blushes and darker red veins between faint white areoles, aging to green with pinstripe veins and broader white sections. It likes to make numerous smaller growth buds, resulting a fairly densely populated container. Flowers are pinkish in hue.

Available divisions are nearly mature or mature; a couple smaller divisions also available for $15.

S. flava Cinnamon Tube x self Clone A.jpg

S. flava "Cinnamon Tube" x self HC A -$30

This plant presents much like a near-perfect "var. rugellii" with pitchers nearly 20 inches tall (possibly more once vegetatively mature), very slender and elegant with a narrow neck column and flat lid, that are nearly solid glowing yellow-green save for the crimson throat blotch and a handful of veins that just barely eke out of that blotch. Flowers are classic flava yellow with all the feline odor they're famous for.

Available divisions are flowering or near-flowering size, a couple smaller ones also available for $18.

S. x farnhamii bellii Sunbelle 3.jpg

S. x farnhamii ssp. bellii "Sunbelle #3" -$30

Often mislabeled as x readei/readii, or simply x farnhamii, this "nothosubspecies" is specific to crosses between leucophylla and rubra ssp. gulfensis, and characterized by typically fairly tall, chunky, and DARK pitchers. This particular clone is a perfect example, with pitchers that average between 12-15 inches tall (but can likely get larger in more humid regions), sporting the swollen upper quarter of the pitcher that gulfensis is known for, a mildly ruffled lid, and a color palette of rich plum purples and darker veins. Flowers are similarly deep red, and sometimes perfumed.

Available divisions are flowering sized; a couple smaller ones also available for $15.

S. (leucophylla x rubra) "Sheridan" x 'Leah Wilkerson' -$30

This seed-grown plant sports much of the rubra shape in its habits, but ruffled lids and a color tone not quite the same. Pitchers can be 15-18 inches tall, with arrowhead-shaped, lengthy lids ruffled along their edges, and the entire pitcher tends to turn brilliant orange-crimson, with deeper crimson veins, sometimes first opening with an overall golden tone and a literally "sparkly" overlay to the color. Flowers are rich pinkish red.

Available divisions are flowering sized; one smaller division available for $18.

S. 'Rococo' x Wilkerson's Red A.jpg

S. 'Rococo' x "Wilkerson's Red' HC A -$15

An easy-to-grow complex hybrid that resembles a short x excellens with heavy minor influence, perhaps mixed with rubra. Pitchers max out at around 14 inches tall for me, though could get larger once vegetatively mature, with an olive green general coloration with red veins threading through the plant, a curving slightly frilled lid, and a mild spattering of white areoles in the back of the pitcher throat. Flowers are rich red in color.

Available divisions are flowering-sized, many already sending up buds; a couple smaller divisions also available for $10.

S. oreophila x Blood Moon A.jpg

S. oreophila x "Blood Moon" HC A -$50

This plant is a stunner particularly wiht the fall flush of pitchers; traps can exceed 18 inches tall (likely larger in more humid areas than mine) with solid bright red tubes, but it's the lids that truly stand out. This thing will make huge lids, over 5 inches in length and nearly as wide, slightly ruffled and bright lemon yellow with red pinstripe veins. 

Available divisons are large, flowering sized.

S. 'Doreen's Colossus' x 'Tapestry'.jpg

S. 'Doreen's Colossus' x 'Tapestry' -$40

This is a hybrid that will surprise you with stunners. Spring pitchers frequently aren't much to look at, fairly elegantly shaped but mostly green with a handful of areoles and red veins, but a good sunny spot will result in a fall flush of pitchers that can be 18+ inches tall, with an elegantly spouted lip and elongated, ruffled lid, and the green tube is topped with brilliant white windows and the lid almost solid white save for the red and green veins that, in line with the body of the pitcher, frequently age and pale out to lime and yellow colors making it a brilliant trap that stands out at a distance.

Available divisions are large, flowering sized.

S. 'Red Beret'.jpg

S. 'Red Beret' -$30

A cultivar I registered several years ago, this plant is I suspect (oreophila x alata) x alata, and grows much like a red-lidded alata on steroids. Pitchers can grow to 16 plus inches tall (probably taller in more humid areas), and are sturdy in build with a nearly flawless arrowhead-shaped lid that curves sharply into the neck. Exterior color is pure green, occasionally with hints of the dense reticulated network of red veins inside shining through, and as the pitcher ages it develops a glowing crimson shade under the lid that ends in a sharp line where it meets the neck, save for one strip that extends down the middle of the throat.

Available divisions are flowering sized or nearly so; a handful of smaller divisions also available for $18.

S. 'Night Sky' x 'Adrian Slack' A.jpg

S. 'Night Sky' x 'Adrian Slack' HC A -$40

A funky plant with incredible color, traps are slender and sport often unusually round lids, growing up to 18 inches tall or more. Traps open with reddish veins and a pinkish hue to the white windows that cover the lid and upper tube, and age to high contrast with bright white windows and plum-purple veins, the lip retaining just a bit of pink to almost glow violet.

Available divisions are large and flowering-sized.

S. 'Leah Wilkerson' x 'Alucard' Prince of Darkness B.jpg

S. 'Leah Wilkerson' x 'Alucard' "Prince of Darkness" HC B -$55

A bit of a shy bloomer but a vigorous grower, this cross between two BIG famous cultivars shows promise of being able to reach similar stature, nearly two feet tall in my dry air with a mildly ruffled lid and thick, somewhat pouty and occasionally kinked peristome. Pitchers tend to be nearly solid plum-purple top to bottom with some lighter areoles showing through in the lid and upper tube. Flowers are on the other hand a bright peachy and yellow mix. 
Two small divisions available.

S. (x swaniana x 'Scarlet Belle') x oreophila.jpg

S. (x swaniana x 'Scarlet Belle') x oreophila -$15

A compact and vigorous plant that I liken to a colony of little green hooded monks in appearance. Pitchers never get over 8 inches, if that, squat and almost bulbous with a slightly ruffled hood arching sharply over the mouth; pitchers are nearly straight green, with a network of red veins on the inside that bleeds into the outer lid and pink lip, and just a handful of white areoles on the back of the pitcher. A great plant for smaller spaces or beginner growers.

Available divisions are near-flowering or actively flowering sized.

S. Brooks Garcia OP A.jpg

S. "Brooks Garcia OP" HC A -$10

This is one of those plants that I keep not because it's particularly flashy, but because it looks just nice enough (especially with fall pitchers) and is vigorous to the point of readily cracking the pots it's in if left too long. Pitchers are very slender and up to 20 inches tall, with an elongated mildly ruffled lid, and is colored a sort of greenish tan/bronze with purplish red veins and just a smattering of white areoles in the lid. A great starter Sarracenia to try out for beginner growers.

Available divisions are large mature sections and may or may not be flowering.

S. alata red lid.jpg

S. alata "red lid" -$20

One of the most classic forms of this species, and very easy growing so long as you don't keep it sopping wet (they like it a touch drier). Pitchers can grow to 18-20 inches tall, possibly more, relatively slender and expanding in the upper quarter of the tube with bright lime green exteriors with reticulated red veins on the inside, and as pitchers age the underside of the lid and upper tube interior will flush bright red. Flowers are very, very pale to nearly white in the petals.

Available divisions are flowering or near-flowering.

S. 'night Sky' x self HC B.jpg

S. 'Night Sky' x self HC B -$20

'Night Sky' is a cultivar originating from a rubra gulfensis x leucophylla cross with curvy pitchers and brilliant white and purple tops, and its offspring sport many similar traits. This plant seems to be somewhat miniature, only reaching to around a foot tall (though may get larger once vegetatively mature), with ruffled lids that curve forward smoothly from the back of the tube, and open with pinkish overall tones before aging to a contrasting bright white with deep red-purple veins.

Available divisions are medium-sized for the plant and may bloom in a season or two. Smaller divisions also available for $10.

S. 'Plum' x 'Snowflake' HC A.jpg

S. 'Plum' x 'Snowflake' HC A -$50

For me this particular clone has behaved a bit like the famed cultivar 'Reptilian Rose', but with a different quality of red to it. Pitchers can reach almost 20 inches tall, with a notably broad, angular-lipped mouth and an equally wide ruffled lid giving it a gaping appearance. The entire pitcher will flush a bright pinkish vermillion, sometimes with deeper red veins particularly just when opening, and pinkish areoles may peek through; the interior is paler with more pronounced veins. And, the whole appearance has an almost shimmery, sparkling texture to it, matched by rosy blooms.

Available divisions are flowering sized but not blooming this season.

S. 'Red Sumatra' OP.jpg

S. 'Red Sumatra' OP -$25

While not quite as flashy as its known parent cultivar, this plant has some real size to it and makes beefy pitchers, up to 20 inches tall with a thick upper section and rolling lip under an arrowhead-shaped to rounded lid. Coloration takes after its parent, developing bright vermillion sometimes with deeper veins, and the lip and throat frequently deepen to an unreal hot crimson color. Flowers are a rosy pinkish color.

Available divisions are flowering sized and developing buds.

S. "Adrian Slack Imposter" x 'Leah Wilkerson' HC B -$30

This clone is a rapid divider and produces numerous slender pitchers up to 20 inches tall with broad lids and a primarily green coloration, but dotted in the upper pitcher and lid with sparse white areoles and marked with deep red to nearly black pinstripe veins and an equally dark lip. A pale reddish throat patch may also creep in from the sides of the neck column; overall this plant is one of subtle beauties rather than a standout at a distance. Flowers are also rosy in color.

Available divisions include mature flowering plants for listed price, medium divisions for $20, and small divisions for $10.

S. 'Waccamaw' -$175

A cultivar that hardly needs introduction, but just in case: this is widely considered one of the best all-red Carolina flava out there, with fair vigor, semi-dwarfish pitchers frequently topping out at around 15-18 inches tall, and when established and in proper light the traps are solid bright red top to bottom right from the start with a yellow interior that may or may not eventually flush the same red as the exterior over time. Flowers are fairly short but large just like the species standard, and brilliant yellow with that infamous feline odiferous aroma.

Available plant is a medium-large division with 3 newly developed growth points; these will develop rapidly in good light and soil but I would not expect full-sized pitchers in the first year.

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