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Snakeskin Jewelry

Not quite ready for an animal itself, but want something reptile-related? How about something you can wear out in public freely, a token to catch attention and display with an interesting history behind it?

Snakeskin Jewelry are resin gems and adornments embedded with the shed skin from one of the many reptiles in the Carlton Carnivores Family; each one will come with an info slip about the animal who donated the shed, as well as facts about their species as a whole so the piece you buy can be educational as well as beautiful!

*Remember, to order please compile a list of items of interest, and send it via either the order form on the main sales page or via one of the methods outlined on the Contact Page to confirm availability and finalize details*

Hobbes -Cape House Snake

Prices are for pendants only. To add chains or thread for bracelets or necklaces, please inquire.

Cymus -Lake Chapala Garter Snake

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