The bladderworts are among the most numerous and widespread carnivorous plants, encompassing the ranks of truly weedy plants to expert-level orchid-like gems. Underground or underwater suction traps and bright, often flashy flowers make this a unique group. Bladderworts are sold as 1-2 inch diameter plugs or divisions.

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U. sandersonii blue.jpg
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U. sandersonii "Blue"- $10

This form of "Angry Bunny" produces broader leaves and  is somewhat more reluctant to flower, with larger blooms bearing broader lower lips shaded in almost solid baby blue save for yellow and green rings near the throat.

U. fulva -$14

This submerged terrestrial to affixed aquatic species produces dense mats of grass-like leaves and spectacular yellow-orange flowers speckled in white and red during certain seasons.

U. dichotoma -$14

This Australian classic is easy to grow and easy to bloom. Living typically as a terrestrial to affixed aquatic plant (does best just barely flooded), it develops mats of short, teardrop shaped leaves across the soil, and one established will send up thick stalks bearing one to several bright purple slipper-shaped blooms, often in pairs; stronger light equals darker purple. The flowers are also adorned with a bright yellow spot on the upper palate that offsets the violet. This is also a species that produces bladder traps large enough to readily see and often right at the soil surface.

U. pubescens -$14

This unique bladderwort produces circular peltate leaves in loose mats on the soil surface, the leaves often holding a layer of dew or slime on top and making for an odd, slick appearance. The flowers are equally unique, up to several produced on a single moderately tall stalk and each slipper-shaped and bright white, in this clone developing a purple or indigo "bullseye" ring in the center of the lower lobe. Though slow to spread at times, once established this species regularly blooms with fervor. 

U. calycifida -$14

A terrestrial species with broad, rounded leaves up to 3 inches across that may range from solid green to strikingly patterned in red or purple bleeding veins. Self-pollinating flowers are produced on a tall, sturdy stalk and colored in patterned violet and lavender with yellow highlights on the expanded palate.

U. blanchetii "typical" -$15

This Brazilian endemic grows as a thick mat of tiny filiform leaves that blanket the soil of their pot, and once established can send up dozens of thin, often impressively tall stalks bearing small but impressively colored flowers. Overall coloration is lavender, with a yellow palate spot and deeper violet spots or lines running up the center of the upper lobe.

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