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Hi, my name is Hawken Carlton!

For more than 20 years I've been cultivating a passion for strange and lesser-loved animals, with a particular soft spot for snakes and other reptiles. Add on over 15 years of studying and growing carnivorous plants and a couple of years working with those apex predators of the insect world, the mantids, and a truly unique combination of passions has been born. With these passions I've acquired a Master's Degree in the biological sciences, specializing in taxonomy and conservation, and hope to build Carlton Carnivores up to being a premier business in promoting interest and desire to protect nature through education and captive care. 

I want to share with others the knowledge I have gained and give the opportunity for them to have their own experiences with these fascinating organisms, whether through caring for them as well or seeking out and observing them in the wild (wisely of course; no promoting wild collection or harm of delicate organisms here). A building aspect of Carlton Carnivores is hands-on education, setting up workshops or visiting classrooms and other venues to bring unusual animals and plants to those who want to learn about them; seeing and touching leaves a lasting impression that pictures and videos online alone will never manage, and providing a direct access to an animal or plant someone has never seen or heard of before better cultivates a want to care for and protect these organisms. In absence of being able to do workshops, educational clips and video adventures are being produced for YouTube and other channels to reach viewers (do make sure to visit and subscribe to Carlton Carnivores on YouTube to see many wildlife adventures and more curated at-home educational topics!).

I hope you will use this site to find information and resources to deepen your own curiosity about these amazing plants and animals. And of course, if you think you might have something to contribute, be it a photo, information, or a unique experience, feel free to contact me to share!



The Story Behind Carlton Carnivores

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Captive Care and Education Opportunities:
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