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Drosera glabriscapa

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Range: Beverly Springs and Theda Stations, Kimberleys, W. Australia

This relatively little-documented member of the “indica complex” grows in two disjunct portions of the Kimberleys of northwestern Australia, in sandy soils near sandstone along seasonal creeks and floodplains. Plants may reach nearly 30 cm tall, with long tapering linear leaves up to 14 cm possessing a very short petiole. Color is typically bright green, though older portions may turn red, and bearing red tentacles. Inflorescences bear flowers on long pedicels, the flowers with broad obovate petals, and all portions of the bloom are colored from bright reddish pink to bloody scarlet, darker shades on the central parts. This species is distinct in both flower color as well as the presence of odd, cone-shaped yellow trichomes on nearly all parts of the plant save for the entirely glabrous scape (hence the plant’s name).

Cultivation: Grow in a very sandy peat soil, kept moist and moderately humid with hot temperatures year round. Sow seeds on soil surface, and grow in full sun.

Lifespan and reproduction: perennial. Reproduces via seeds only; cuttings not reported successful.


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