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Drosera maanyaa-gooljoo

Image source: Krueger et al. (2023)

Author: Thilo Krueger

Range: Buccaneer Archipelago and Yampi Peninsula, NW Australia


A 2023 published new species that, astonishingly, fits into the Arachnopus section of sundews, this strange endemic is only recorded currently from two localities in Traditional Owner-overseen lands in far northwestern Australia. They grow in seasonally or permanently wet Creekside sandy soils that may flood during monsoon seasons. Plants may grow to 40 cm in height, forming an erect to scrambling stem that occasionally branches. Leaves are erect to semi-erect and maintained at the end of the stem, folding down with age, and up to 8 cm in length for an overall diameter of over 16 cm. The petiole is the longest in the Arachnopus group by far, up to 4.5 cm in length with a cluster of crescent-shaped stalked glands at the bse of their upper surface, and are otherwise glabrous. The lamina are linear-lanceolate, slightly tapered from base to tip, with long tentacles and frequently curved in a scorpioid manner upward. Coloration is primarily green or yellowish with red patches around the trichomes at the petiole base, and brilliant scarlet in the lamina and tentacles. Inflorescences are up to 40 cm tall, erect, primarily glabrous though a few stalked glands may be on the calyces or the distinctive red bracts between the pedicels. Flowers number up to 27 and are widely spaced, up to 1.5 cm in diameter with obovate to broadly teardrop shaped pinkish petals. This species is unlikely to be confused with any other in the region or in cultivation in general.


Cultivation: as of writing this file this species is not yet in cultivation, but likely to suit conditions needed for related species: grow in a very sandy peat-based soil (3:1 sand/peat), kept moist to even wet and moderately humid, with temperatures between 75-95°F year round. Sow seeds on soil surface, and grow in strong artificial light to full sun. Heavy feeding necessary for healthy seed sets and growth.


Lifespan and reproduction: annual. Reproduces through seeds only.


Sources: Krueger et al. (2023). Drosera maanyaa-gooljoo, a new species of Drosera section Arachnopus (Droseraceae) from the Buccaneer Archipelago and Yampi Peninsula, northwest Kimberley region, Western Australia. Phytotaxa 618(1): 031–046.

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