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Range: Surrounding Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

A miniature in the “indica complex,” this species is known from the northern tip of the Northern Territory surrounding the city of Darwin, where it grows in seasonally flooded sandy savannah and fields. They grow to a maximum of 10 cm tall, with compact linear-lanceolate leaves up to 3 cm possessing a short petiole and dense glands. Color is lime green to blushed or heavily infused with red, stems often redder than the leaves. The inflorescences may be three times the length of the plant and rather thick by comparison, bearing a small number of blooms on long pedicels (relative to the size of the plant). The flowers rarely exceed 1 cm across, with narrow to moderately broadly obovate to truncate petals often bearing minutely serrated edges, colored in shades of white to light ink. This species is distinct in its size as well as possessing scattered rigid hairs on the stems and petioles.


Cultivation: grow in a sandy peat-based soil, kept moist to even slightly flooded and moderately humid, with hot temperatures year round. Sow seeds on soil surface, and grow in strong artificial light to full sun.


Lifespan and reproduction: annual. Reproduces through seed only; stem cuttings likely not viable.



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