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Drosera x nagamotoi

D. 'Scarlet Tears'.jpg

D. x nagamotoi cultivar 'Scarlet Tears'

Range: manmade hybrid, but may exist in Northern Japan


A hybrid of D. anglica x spatulata (not as some sites may claim (linearis x rotundifolia) x spatulata or anglica x tokaiensis), this is a cross that is primarily artificial in origin, though there is a narrow band similar to where D. tokaiensis arose that may see the two parent species occurring close enough to hybridize; such a cross would be at home in bogs and fens in a subtropical to warm-temperate climate. Originally named (perhaps not yet officially published however) after the cultivar ‘Nagamoto’ (anglica x spatulata “Shinodayama, Osaka, Japan”), this is a highly variable cross depending on what parent lineages are used and may be fully tropical or subtropical/warm temperate in habit. The largest forms may reach more than 12 cm in diameter, with semi-erect oar-shaped leaves comprised of a narrow, roughly parallel petiole that makes up approximately 1/3-2/3 the leaf length and often sparsely covered in hairs, and an elongate ovular to oblanceolata lamina. Coloration is bright green with red tentacles to sometimes solid crimson. Inflorescences may reach more than 20 cm high, mildly glandular, with between 1-15 blooms. Flowers are up to 2 cm in diameter, usually smaller, with roughly ovular petals that may be white or pink in color.


Cultivation: grow in a 1:1 peat/perlite mix or similar suitable carnivore soil, kept moist to wet and moderately humid with temperatures of 50-85°F year round. Sow seeds on soil surface, and grow in strong artificial light to full sun.


Lifespan and reproduction: perennial. Reproductively sterile (most forms; some colchicine-treated clones are fertile but will not breed true), but can be grown through leaf cuttings and division.



D. spatulata Sydney x anglica Oregon.jpg
D. anglica Alakai Swamp, HI x spatulata ('Tamlin' x Royal Natl. Pk. Sydney).jpg

D. x nagamotoi variant: anglica "Alakai Swamp, HI" x spatulata ('Tamlin' x "Royal Natl. Pk. Sydney Au")

D. spatulata "Royal Natl. Pk. Sydney Au" x anglica  "Oregon," a smaller variant of the hybrid

D. spatulata (white flower x 'Tamlin') x anglica Alakai Swamp, HI.jpg

D. spatulata  ("White Flower" x 'Tamlin') x anglica "Alakai Swamp, HI"

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