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Epacrophis drewesi


Range: Base of Mt. Kenya, eastern Africa

Known as Drewes’ worm snake, this species is described from only a single specimen found near Isiolo, Kenya, in an arid/wooded grassland intergrade habitat on the lower slopes of Mount Kenya. The one specimen was barely over 14 cm in length, with a narrow cylindrical body and spine-tipped tail. Scale row count is 14 at midbody, with a light brown dorsal stripe on lighter color background and white undersides. A narrow light-colored collar broken at vertebral point is also present on the neck.  It is distinct from other blind snakes in general in lacking an interparietal shield among the cranial scales.


Habitat: Unknown, likely soils amongst the roots of semi-arid grass tufts or thorn tree roots.


Prey: Presumed small soft-bodied invertebrates, such as termite or ant larvae.


Lifespan and Reproduction: Lifespan unknown. Oviparous.



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