Leptotyphlops emini

Range: African rift Valley region, from South Sudan through Uganda, Kenya, and the DRC to Tanzania and extreme eastern Zambia


A Rift Valley native, Emin Pasha’s worm snake is found in a broad elevational range (0-2200 meters) within regions from southern South Sudan to the southern end of Tanzania. It can grow up to 16 cm in length, extremely narrow-bodied with a slightly flattened but otherwise cylindrical head and a short tail with a ventrally recurved spine tip. Midbody scale row count is 14. Coloration is overall dark brown to jet black, but possesses spots of white along the lips and chin and a white cloacal shield.


Habitat: Native to savannah environments or patchwork grass/woodland regions, where it lives underground in holes or cracks and rarely emerges at night.


Prey: Soft-bodied invertebrates, especially ant and termite larvae.


Lifespan and reproduction: Lifespan unknown, likely less than 7 years. Oviparous.



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