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Latptotyphlops latirostris


Range: northern shores of Lake Tanganyika, Burundi and DRC


Referred to as the Uvira worm snake, this species is a rare inhabitant of the savannah regions surrounding the northern tip of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. Specimens reach 15.5 cm in length, with a very slender profile and slightly flattened head, blunt tail tipped by a short spine. Midbody scale row count is 14, dorsal count 206-212. Coloration is likely a light pinkish brown, lighter on the underside and the scales there also edged in even lighter shades. The chin and throat are patched in white as well. This species can be distinguished by the presence of a broad rostral scale (more so than most others in the genus) and the white throat patch.


Habitat: Lowland savannahs below 1000 meters, in evergreen brush and Acacia mosaics. Most of its habitat has been converted to cultivated fields.


Prey: unknown, likely small soft-bodied invertebrates such as ant and termite larvae.


Lifespan and reproduction: lifespan unknown, likely under 10 years. Oviparous.



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