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Range: North-northwest Tanzania, Western Kenya , Uganda, and eastern DRC


Pitman’s worm snake is a species centered around Uganda, found along the northern and western shores of Lake Victoria and then north and west across to western Kenya, the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and then down just into Rwanda and northwestern Tanzania. Reports are also recorded from islands in Lake Victoria and as far disjunct as the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania (though this could represent a misidentification of another species). This taxon grows to 18.5 cm long, with a highly slender build. The head is slightly broader and flatter than the neck, bearing a distinctly wedge-shaped rostral scale, and the tail is short and blunt, tipped by a small spine. Midbody scale row count is 14, 10 on the tail; dorsal scale count is 217-272. Color is a near uniform glossy black, though the ventral surface may be slightly paler and bears scattered cream patches. This species is distinguished from its relatives by its wedge-shaped rostral scale and tail scale row count of 10.


Habitat: Savannahs and mosaic forests from 700-1800 meters in elevation, found amongst leaf litter, bases of trees and bushes, and in termite mounds.


Prey: Unknown, likely small soft-bodied invertebrates such as ant and termite larvae.


Lifespan and reproduction: lifespan unknown, likely under 10 years. Oviparous.



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