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Range: Southern Namibia, Northern and Western Cape of South Africa


A moderately well-documented species but for which detailed information is currently locked behind paywalls; the “Slender thread snake” is roughly endemic to an arc around the southwestern corner of South Africa, with an additional disjunct population known in the southern tip of Namibia. It grows to somewhere between 20-30 cm long, with a slender overall build and narrow ovular head just wider than the body, tail short and mildly tapered to a blunt tip. Dorsal scale count is between 250-380, scale row count 14 midbody and 12 caudally. Coloration is generally dark brown to almost black with slightly lighter scale edges, lighter ventrally. Skeletal structure details (separations between skull sections) and the overall slender build separate this species from its relatives.


Habitat: shrubland areas within the semi-coastal desert, typically subterranean or in termite mounds.


Prey: small invertebrates such as ants, termites, and their larvae.


Lifespan and reproduction: lifespan unknown, likely under 10 years. Oviparous, lays 3-4 elongate leathery white eggs.



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