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Wolves and Bears: Apex Predators at Risk

Ours is a world that has lost much of its respect and appreciation for the top creatures of the ecosystem. All too often we see animals as items for our use, or mere nuisances to be removed from progress, forgetting that we are part of a delicate balance that has already begun to be catastrophically upset. National Parks, preserves, wildlife refuges and the like are often the only places where nature has been maintained as it is meant to be, but even they are vulnerable to changing minds, the pressures of the loudest voices or the deepest pockets, greed and personal tastes.

Alaska's National Parks and Preserves are among the largest and most pristine in North America, and famous for their vast numbers of large animals like deer, elk, caribou, the wolves and big cats of our continent, wolverines and more. Animals still thrive there in ways they are unable to anywhere else, but even these great lands are fragile artificial islands and under threat from a thousand attacks. Not the least of which include recent attempts to permit the unethical practices of baiting bears, and hunting both bears and wolves during their vulnerable denning seasons and even taking the defenseless pups and cubs alongside adults.

Carlton Carnivores is a small, budding business whose single voice doesn't have much impact, but I still seek to try and make a change where I can. Thereby, I urge readers to stand alongside me, the scientists studying the impacts of these intended practice changes and the animals they would affect, and the more than 40,000 voices that have spoken up already on this subject. The Wolf Conservation Center is promoting education and protection of these imperiled ecosystem moderators, providing information on studies made about the expected impacts as well as the known roles wolves and other large predators play in their environments, and has provided links to where others can take action themselves. The video at the start of this post is a short one (I hope you'll watch it) from them on the subject at hand, and below you can find the link to submit your own comment to speak up for protection of wolves and other predators in Alaska's wild preserves. Protect our natural treasures, and stand with me:

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