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Range: Aichi Prefecture? Southern Japan

Possibly a mere synonym of D. indica, this sundew is described from wetland regions in the southern portion of Japan, noted from the Aichi Prefecture but possibly more widespread. Growing to 30 cm tall, this species possesses leaves along its stem up to 15 cm long with distinct petioles and a filiform to linear-lanceolate shape. Color is entirely green throughout, with clear tentacles. Short stalks bear small white flowers on short pedicels, blooms composed of delicate ovular petals. Currently this species is only separated from the type species of the complex by the white flowers and other lack of all red coloration. Similarly, another local form with purple flowers is described as D. toyoakensis, which may simply be the nominate D. indica or D. serpens.


Cultivation: Grow in a peat-based soil, kept moist to wet and moderated humid with warm temperatures year round. Sow seeds on soil surface, and grow in strong artificial light to full sun.

Lifespan and reproduction: Annual. Reproduces via seeds only, though may be propagable via stem cuttings.



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