Non-Carnivorous Plants

Ferns, flowering plants, freaks of nature; they may not eat insects but these plants are strange and beautiful enough in their own right!
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Pinellia pedatisecta -$8

This is an aroid for beginners, a weedy little plant that spreads rapidly both via daughter tubers and rapidly sprouting seeds. Leaves reach about a foot and a half high and a foot across, spreading in a pinwheel-type pattern of leaflets, and flowers are regularly produced when fed well, up to a foot high and slender, pale green, with a very long spindly spadix. The aroma I liken to that of nail polish remover, an odd chemical sort one would not expect from a flower.

Sauromatum venosum flower_edited.jpg

Sauromatum venosum -$7

This selection may be the cultivar 'Indian Giant'; leaves can reach nearly 5 feet tall with a near-ring of leaflets spreading out to nearly 3 feet in diameter on a petiole decorated with light green background and deeper green to almost purplish blotches. Flowers appear in spring, able to bloom without any soil or water present, up to 2 feet tall with a bulbous base and a flared, purple and yellow lanceolate spathe surrounding a slender purple spadix. A strong odor reminiscent of something rotten lasts for a day or two before the flower dies back.

Available tubers are 1-2" in diameter.


Companion Ferns -$6

Ferns are favored for their tropical looks, and often great ease of growth and tolerance to shady conditions. A wide variety of fern species have popped up over the years from various soils in the greenhouse and other places, and I have more than a few to offer. Most are variants of the maidenhair fern group, with delicate, highly branched fronds and can get quite large over time.