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The Seed List

Ready to try growing some plants from seeds? Carnivores take a long time but can be very rewarding to grow from baby to adult, and other plants are best grown from the very beginning. Take a look at the list below for a wide selection of seeds! And while some seeds can be sent internationally, please check the SHIPPING INFORMATION page for all terms and conditions before inquiring!

Remember, to order: compile a list of items of interest in the order form on the main sales page (just click the For Sale tab in the menu bar) or via the Contact Us form.

Nepenthes (20-25 seeds per pack)

('Helen' x spectabilis PB) HC A x (jacquelineae x tenuis) -$20

Sunset Songs A x aristolochioides BCP -$15

ventricosa "red A x aristolochioides BCP -$12

ventricosa "red" A x tenuis -$20

(ventricosa "K" EP x alba AW) HC A x (dubia x jamban) -$15

Drosera (20-75+ seeds per pack)

omissa -$10

finlaysoniana "pink flower" -$12

hartmeyerorum (very limited!) -$12

intermedia "anthocyanin-free" -$10

spatulata "Ahipara Gumfields, NZ -common form, white flower"- $16

spatulata "squat, light pink flower" -$5

burmannii "Tin Can Bay" -$6

natalensis "Tsitsikamma" (limited) -$6

ultramafica x spatulata? (Hartmeyer) -$6

brevifolia "typical, white flower" -$8

spatulata "Beenak, Victoria Au" -$3

intermedia "Carolina Giant" -$4

spatulata 'Tamlin' (limited) -$3

sp. Lantau Island -$4

burmannii "Humpty Doo, NT Au" -$8

tokaiensis (limited)-$2

spatulata "Royal Natl. Pk. Sydney" -$3

(ultramafica x spatulata?) Hartmeyer x spatulata "Beenak, Victoria Au" -$3
natalensis -$4

spatulata "white flower" -$2

spatulata "Ivan's 3-way Australian" -$4

capillaris "Hal Scott, FL" -$6

serpens "Jacky Jacky" -$11

spatulata "Gold Coast, Queensland Au" -$5

spatulata "Ahipara Gumfields, NZ" pink flower -$6​

felix "Tuku Muruku" -$12

rotundifolia "Baranof Island, Alaska" (limited) -$15

riparia -$15

oblanceolata "Sunset Peak" -$12

paradoxa "type form" (30+ seeds) -$9

nidiformis (extremely limited!) -$8

derbyensis "Prison Tree" x aff. lanata "Flying Fox Creek" -$15

broomensis "Coulomb Point" x derbyensis "Prison Tree" -$15

aff. lanata "Flying Fox Creek" x broomensis "Coulomb Point" -$15

broomensis "Coulomb Point" x aff. lanata "Flying Fox Creek" -$15

derbyensis "Prison Tree" x broomensis "Coulomb Point" -$15

Byblis (10-30 seeds per pack)

*1000 ppm GA3 solution for germination -$3*

lamellata x gigantea (15-25 seeds) -$16

aquatica "Fine form, red plants" (10+ seeds) -$15

guehoi "Bobby's Creek, Dampier Peninsula" (15 seeds) -$12

lamellata (~8-10 seeds) -$16

Utricularia (25-50+ seeds per pack)

alpina 'Pittier Moon' x self (75-100 seeds per pack) -$10

Pinguicula (20-40+ seeds per pack)

lusitanica -$8

Sarracenia (limited, ~20 seeds per pack)

2021 seeds -25% off!!

x farnhamii ssp. bellii "Sunbelle Clone 3" x "Lunch Box" -$10

'Red Beret' x "Lunch Box" -$12

((x swaniana x 'Scarlet Belle') x oreophila) x "Lunch Box" -$9

(oreophila x "Blood Moon") Clone A x ('Night Sky' x 'Adrian Slack') Clone A -$10

x farnhamii ssp. bellii "Sunbelle Clone 3" x 'Adrian Slack' -$11

(flava rubricorpora x 'Adrian Slack') Clone A x "Lunch Box" -$14

"Lunch Box" x 'Waccamaw' -$18

(oreophila "North Sound" x purpurea "Giant #1") Clone A x flava cuprea -$11

(oreophila x "Blood Moon") Clone B x 'Wilkerson's Red' OP Clone A -$9

leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' SG x (flava rubricorpora x 'Adrian Slack') Clone A -$16

('Wilkerson's Red' x 'Adrian Slack') Clone B x (flava rubricorpora x 'Adrian Slack') Clone A -$12

('Plum' x 'Snowflake') Clone A x "Lunch Box" -$15

'Red Sumatra' OP x "Lunch Box" -$9

('Plum' x 'Snowflake') Clone A x (x moorei "red" x leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White') Clone A -$15

(oreophila x "Blood Moon") Clone B x (('Leah Wilkerson' x oreophila) x "Bengal Tiger") -$11

(oreophila x flava "Don's Red Tube") Clone D x "Lunch Box" -$15

leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' SG x 'Waccamaw' -$20

2022 Seeds

"Devorah" (x moorei x leucophylla 'HCW' Select) x ('Cyclops' x 'Edojiman') -$9

flava maxima "Meadowview" x rubricorpora SG Clone B -$15
('Plum' x 'Snowflake') HC A x leucophylla East Alabama -$12
flava rubricorpora SG B x (x moorei "red"  x leucophylla 'HCW') HC B -$15
'Dan Winter' x leucophylla East Alabama -$14
('Rococo' x "Wilkerson's Red") HC C x flava flava Snead's Ferry, NC -$8

Non-carnivorous plants

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper (20 seeds per pack) -$10

Datura inoxia (10 seeds per pack) -$3

Datura stramonium (20 seeds per pack) -$5

Datura metel "Double Purple" (15 seeds per pack) -$8

Lupinus bicolor (20 seeds per pack) -$6

Pediomelum tenuiflorum (Scurfy pea; 20 seeds per pack) -$4

Aristolochia fimbriata (10 seeds per pack) -$6

Proboscidea louisianica (15 seeds per pack) -$6

'Medusa' Ornamental Pepper (20 seeds per pack) -$5

'Black Pearl' Ornamental Pepper (20 seeds per pack, or 1 fruit) -$5

Hibiscus trionum (20 seeds per pack) -$4

Chamerion angustifolium (50+ seeds per pack) -$6

Cynorkis fastigiata (terrestrial orchid, 250+ seeds per pack) -$5

Iris missouriensis (Rocky Mountain Iris), Hohnholz Lakes (20+ seeds per pack) -$7

Nicotiana attenuata (Coyote Tobacco, 100+ seeds per pack) -$5 (check state regulations)

Mentzelia laevicaulus (Giant Blazingstar, 30+ seeds per pack) -$6

Madia elegans (Elegant Tarweed, 20+ seeds per pack) -$4

Gaillardia (Indian Blanketflower, 20+ seeds per pack) -$5

Hybrid Sunflower, Giant red (20+ seeds per pack) -$4

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