The Seed List

Ready to try growing some plants from seeds? Carnivores take a long time but can be very rewarding to grow from baby to adult, and other plants are best grown from the very beginning. Take a look at the list below for a wide selection of seeds!

Remember, to order: compile a list of items of interest in the order form on the main sales page or via the Contact Us form.

Drosera (30-75+ seeds per pack)

spatulata "Fraser Island" -$2

filiformis "typical" -$4

sessilifolia "Chapada dos Guimaraes" (extremely limited!) -$11

anglica "Kanaele Bog, HI" (extremely limited!) -$10

natalensis "Tsitsikamma" (limited) -$6

venusta (extremely limited!) -$9

aliciae (limited) $6

nidiformis x natalensis (limited) -$4

affinis "Uningi Pans, Zambia" (extremely limited!) -$12

capensis 'Albino' -$3

capillaris "FL Long Arm" (limited) -$4

ultramafica x spatulata? (Hartmeyer) -$6

capensis "typical" (limited) -$3

rotundifolia -$5

spatulata "Beenak, Victoria Au" -$3

intermedia "Carolina Giant" -$4

spatulata 'Tamlin' -$3

sp. Lantau Island -$4

spatulata "Royal Natl. Pk. Sydney" x 'Tamlin' (extremely limited!) -$3

burmannii "Humpty Doo" -$8

intermedia "Roraima State" -$5

tokaiensis -$2

spatulata "Royal Natl. Pk. Sydney" -$3

spatulata "white flower" -$2

spatulata var .gympiensis -$7

"sessilifolia" x burmannii "Humpty Doo" -$5

intermedia "Easton, MA" -$3
natalensis -$4

spatulata "Ivan's 3-way Australian" -$4

oblanceolata "Sunset Peak" -$7

serpens "pink flower" (limited) -$5

capillaris "Emerald's Envy' -$5

capillaris "Hal Scott, FL" -$6

serpens "Jacky Jacky Au" -$7

spatulata "Gold Coast, Queensland Au" -$5

burmannii "red tentacles" -$6

spatulata "Ahipara Gumfields, NZ" -$6​

riparia -$15

capensis 'Albino' x "typical" -$5

Pinguicula (25+ seeds per pack)

caerulea -$10

Byblis (10-30 seeds per pack)

aquatica "Robust Form" -$9

guehoi -$10

filifolia "Pago Giant" (extremely limited) -$10

liniflora -$5

liniflora x rorida "Taylor's Lagoon" (limited) -$12

Utricularia (25-50+ seeds per pack)

longifolia -$7

Non-carnivorous plants

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper (20 seeds per pack) -$10

Datura inoxia (10 seeds per pack) -$3

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