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Drosera x californica var. californica

Range: artificial hybrid


This natural hybrid began with unnatural origins; while the alternate var. arenaria can naturally be found where D. filiformis var. floridana and D. tracyi co-occur in the Florida Panhandle, this type variation is a cross between the geographically separate D. filiformis var. filiformis x tracyi and was produced in California, hence the odd Latin name. Plants are intermediate between the two parent species, ranging in size from 30-45 cm in height on average (though may be affected by the particular localities or percentage of each parent it contains), with an upright stature and bright green to red-orange tinted filiform leaves possessing relatively long, but dense tentacles that can be clear with red heads, orange, or nearly solid red throughout. Inflorescences may reach 60+ cm in height and bear more than a dozen blooms, each flower up to 2.5 cm in diameter with broad ovular pink petals. Plants may occasionally self-pollinate or cross-pollinate to produce seeds, though tend to have poorer seed set than either pure parent (again may be affected by percentage of each parent in the plant as they can back-cross). It can be distinguished from pure D. filiformis by typically larger overall growth and denser glands with paler coloration, and from D. tracyi by shorter more upright rather than sprawling leaves and longer tentacles with greater color.


Cultivation: grow in a 1:1 or higher sand/peat soil ratio, kept moist to occasionally flooded and moderately humid, with warm to hot temperatures throughout the growing season. Plants will go dormant with reduced light and temperature, and should be kept in a cool, damp location for 2-3 months until spring returns. Sow seeds on soil surface and provide a 4-6 week cold stratification period, and grow in strong artificial light to full sun.


Lifespan and reproduction: perennial. Reproduces through seed and occasional natural division, and can be propagated through leaf and flower stalk cuttings.



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