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Epacrophis boulengeri

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Range: Manda and Lamu Islands off the southeastern coast of Kenya


Originally named Leptotyphlops boulengeri, this species was moved to the current genus in a revision in 2009. Rare and little studied as is often the norm for the blind snakes, this species is known only from the small coastal islands of Manda and Lamu, though it’s possible it may also occur in the Kenyan mainland near Witu. Referred to as the Manda flesh-pink blind snake or Lamu worm snake, nearly nothing is known beyond the type specimen. The largest collected was 20.3 cm in length, slender and cylindrical with a slightly flattened head and neck region and the tail ending in a ventrally recurved spiny tip. Coloration is pinkish with brown scale borders, lighter ventrally. Midbody scale count 14.


Habitat: Recorded under mats of rotting grass near gardens and other vegetation, under leaf litter. Coastal distribution, low elevations.


Prey: Unknown, though likely ant or termite larvae or other small grub-like insects.

Lifespan and reproduction: lifespan unknown. Oviparous, lays small ovular eggs.


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