Mantids and Feeders

These voracious predators come in a myriad forms, from bark and leaf mimics to the elaborate flower styles of the orchid and spiny mantids. Some are great for beginners, others need a more experienced setup and patience.
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Elmantis sp. -$8

This tiny bark mantid rarely grows to more than 1-1.5" in length, females bearing vestigial flightless wing nubs and the males lengthy and fully-functional wings (and they do love to fly). Colored in shades of gray and brown mottled across their body, these insects blend perfectly with bark or leaf litter, and immature mantids or adult females will readily chase down and attack anything that is equal to or smaller than their own size.

Current availability: I2-I5 nymphs available

Phyllocrania paradoxa -$6 -CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Famously referred to as the "ghost mantis," this is a tropical/subtropical African species adapted to seasonal dry forests and savannahs. Adults average around 2-2.5" in length, males more slender than females with taller, more heavily kinked crests and translucent wings and limb adornments. A classic ambush predator, they prefer sitting and waiting for their food and when bothered often "play dead," dropping to the ground with legs folded in.