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Myriopholis narirostris

M. narirostris.jpg

Range: Senegal to Cameroon, Saharan borders


One of many species for which information is sparse, this animal is found along the sub-Saharan border countries in western Africa where savannah and open forest dominate. It grows up to 35 cm in length with an extremely slender build, an ovular head slightly wider than the neck and body, and a short, stubby tail tipped in a blunt point. Scale counts are unknown, though like related species dorsal scale count is likely somewhere around 250-350, and scale row counts 14/12 midbody and caudally respectively. Coloration is a uniform tan or brown with pink tints and slightly lighter ventrally. Differences distinguishing it from related species is currently unknown.


Habitat: Unknown, likely savannah and open woodlands with sandy soils and leaf litter.


Prey: Small soft-bodied invertebrates such as ant and termite larvae.


Lifespan and reproduction: lifespan unknown, likely under 7 years. Oviparous.


Sources: Thomas Brown,

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