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Range: northwestern Namibia, south Angola


A poorly known species for which most detail is hidden in paywall articles, the Damara threadsnake occupies all but the immediate coastal strip of the northwest corner of Namibia and immediate neighboring Angola. Growing up to 30 cm long, this is an extremely slender species with a short rounded head barely wider than the body and a tapered but blunt, short tail. Dorsal scale count is between 250-380, scale row count 14 midbody and 12 caudally. Color is pale to dark brown with lighter scale edges, paler ventrally. This species can be separated primarily by location from its relatives, and having a crescent-shaped cloacal shield unlike N. gracilior.


Habitat: from 300-1200 meters in elevation in arid savannah, living under loose soils or debris and in grass clumps.


Prey: small soft-bodied invertebrates such as ants, termites, and their larvae.


Lifespan and reproduction: lifespan unknown, likely under 10 years. Oviparous, lays 1-7 elongate, leathery white eggs.



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